Chesapeake Bay Outreach Campaign Database

Welcome & Purpose

Welcome to the Chesapeake Outreach Campaign database, an open collection of outreach campaigns focused on changing behaviors or practices of target audiences that reduce their impact on the local environment. When it comes to cleaning up our local waters, communities, and the environment, everyone needs to do their part. This site exists to assist anyone interested in helping others do their part by sharing lessons learned, best practices, transferrable materials, techniques and ideas that ensure your effort to change behavior is as successful as possible. Outreach campaigns within this database are either underway or have been completed. Whether you are a concerned resident, a behavior change specialist, or a practitioner looking to increase the adoption of environmentally responsible behaviors there is something for you in this resource. Just completed a campaign? Submit your information for others to learn from! About to start a campaign? Search the data within so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel! Do you have an ongoing effort and want it to be more effective? Use this as a planning tool to refine your approach and incorporate best practices.

To review recent campaigns by topic area, please click on the campaigns tab along the top of the page. To use the campaign planning tool and/or add a campaign to the database please click the Campaigns tab and then click the register button on the left hand side of the page.



State # of Campaigns
District of Columbia 0
Delaware 0
Maryland 25
New York 0
Pennsylvania 0
Virginia 0
West Virginia 0
Audience # of Campaigns
Litterers 6
Pet owners 1
Businesses 6
Restaurants 1
Apartment renters 4
Houses of worship 1
Agricultural operators 0
Agricultural landowners 1
Waterfront/riparian landowners 4
Rowhome/town home/condo owners/renters 11
Detached single family homeowners/renters 14
Behavior # of Campaigns
Tree planting 2
Leaf collection 1
Zero runoff carwash 0
Picking up pet waste 1
Reduce fertilizer use 3
Install a rain garden 3
Planting a stream buffer 0
Septic system maintenance 1
Reduction of impervious surface 1
Agricultural conservation practices 0
Rain barrel installation and use 4
Picking up litter and disposing of trash properly 6
Conservation landscaping 8
Stopping disposal of fats, oils, and grease, as well as pharmaceuticals from being poured down the drain 2