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Patrick Ladbury, of the National Social Marketing Centre, discusses the 3 biggest challenges of behavior change.

An excellent toolkit for engaging the public and creating campaigns to spread knowledge about environmental health. This toolkit includes sample communications, tips for starting a campaign and models of key concepts.

The 3rd edition of EPA's Getting In Step guide offers advice for implementing a successful outreach campaign that motivates people to change their behavior in regards to water quality, environmental issues and other outreach initiatives.

Amy Seipel discusses the importance of understanding your audience and explores the factors that must be considered when working with a diverse group of people.

This meta-analysis looked at the literature concerning the use of fear appeals and found that using strong fear appeals and messages that focused on the effectiveness of the initiative lead to the most significant behavior changes.

The term "sustainability" is difficult to define and operationalize, but it is crucial for planning a long-term outreach campaign.

May 24, 2016- Using nudges is a low-cost, effective way to help people make educated decisions and create long-lasting behavior changes. While this article focuses on the education system, these concepts are being applied to a wide variety of fields.